Came here to catch up with a friend and my goodness were we lucky to snag quick reservations. We were seated and of course we had to start with the Bacon Cheddar Biscuits and yes they were delish… actually all the dishes here are pretty darn good. Then again Chef David LeFevre never seems to fail me :) We ordered brussels sprouts, fries, lamb belly, pork, and soft shell crab and each dish was amazing. The only one that was a little bit too strong was the lamb belly.

This was so much food for us, but we sure handled it. We ate quickly since we sort of took someone’s reservations. We were able to catch up on our recent travels and life. We were also able to talk about more food places to check out, which you will see in another entry. ¬†Also, fashion - since you were the one who introduced me to Lanvin ;)

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